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Printer / Copier Instructions
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To use:

You must have a Digital ID and password (same as your email/canvas log-in), and funds in your printing account if making copies (go to to add funds). Scanning is free.


Logging in

To log in, you may either touch your ID card to the card reader, or use the touch screen. When using the touch screen, tap the screen to wake it up, then touch “Sign in” at the top and enter in your Digital ID and password.

Making Copies

Place your paper on the scanner (face down), or in the top tray (face up). Tap “Copy”, select how many copies you need (bottom right), push green “Copy” button (also bottom right)


Place paper on the scanner (face down), or in the top tray (face up), Tap “Scan”, “Scan to e-mail”, then enter your email information. Tap the green “Send” button (bottom right).

Web Print

Go to, select Web Print (Left side), click on “ Submit a Job”, choose the printer you want to print to, scroll to bottom of page and click the “Print Options and Acccount Selection” button, enter in how many copies you want (10 max) and click ”Upload documents”, upload your documents, then lastly click on “Upload and Complete”.

Log Out

On the home screen tap “Sign Out” at the top.
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