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How to Install and Connect to GlobalProtect VPN
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Utah Tech uses GlobalProtect VPN to provide secure access to University network resources both on and off-campus.

  • Current employees may use the client on both University-owned and personal devices. Some features and access to certain resources will not be available unless you are using a University-owned device.
  • Students are also eligible to use the GlobalProtect client. At this time, access is limited on a case-by-case basis, typically as needed for special access for a class or lab. Your instructors will have more information for those who need access or you can contact the Help Desk if you believe you have an access need. Wider access for students is coming soon.
  • **Note**  You must not be signed into a sponsored account on your device along with your outlook account as Global Protect works off your Digital Id account and it will notify you that you do not have access and must contact a System Administrator. You also cannot be logged into a PC on a local account (i.e Dept. Account) If this happens then simply log out of your sponsored account and/or local account and proceed. Once you are connected to Global Protect then you can sign back into your sponsored account on outlook. 
    • If you are using an Android, ChromeOS, or IOS device, download the GlobalProtect Client from the Google Play or Apple store, then proceed to step 6.


Windows and Mac instructions are below:


Step 1

Go to and sign-in using your Digital ID and password


Step 2

Multi-Factor Authentication( MFA) is required to use the VPN. If you are full-time faculty or staff, you'll be prompted with a Duo push. If you are a part-time faculty, staff, or student employee, you'll be prompted to enroll in MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app. You can either install the Authenticator app on your smartphone or choose to receive SMS codes on your phone by selecting 'I want to set up a different method' on the Authenticator enrollment page.


Step 3**

Select a download link:


Window Users: Click on Download Windows 64bit GlobalProtect Agent.

Mac Users: Click on Download Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect Agent.


Step 4

Run the download installer file.


Step 5

Follow the installer's instructions. If an administrator login prompt appears during installation, please contact the IT Technicians at ext. 8324 for assistance. You may also submit a ticket for further assistance.


When the installer is finished, the installation phase is complete. You do not need to repeat any of the previous steps.


Step 6

You should now find GlobalProtect in your list of installed programs in the Windows Start Menu, Finder in Mac OS, or App Drawer in mobile OSes. If desired you can pin the GlobalProtect program to the taskbar or app dock.


Step 7

Enter as the portal address and click on the connect button.


Step 8

Sign in using your Digital Id and password and accept the Duo or Authenticator Push (See step 2 regarding MFA methods). Please note that MFA is REQUIRED for the GlobalProtect VPN.


Step 9

You are now connected.


Step 10

As long as you're connected you will see this icon in the bottom right of your screen.


Step 11

To disconnect from the VPN click on the three bars in the upper right-hand corner and click on Disable. You're now Disconnected.



If you are a Student, Staff, or Faculty, make sure you have Two-Factor Authentication (Duo Mobile or Microsoft Authenticator). If you are still facing problems, please submit a ticket.

If you have a Sponsored Account, please submit a ticket to have your account approved.

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