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Google Drive to One Drive
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This will help show the process of moving files from your old Dixie Google Drive to your new Utah Tech One Drive

Step 1

Sign into Google

Go to and click “Sign-in” in the upper right corner of the screen

  • If you are already signed in or signed in under another account, make sure you are using the correct account

This will be your [email protected], [email protected], or both depending on what you want to migrate. This works for either account.




Enter your [email protected] or [email protected] depending on which account you want to move.  

IMPORTANT: Although you typed in an account with or, your account is a account. At the Utah Tech screen you must enter your [email protected] to get into your Google data. See below. 




Enter your password you have always used. 




Step 2

Click on Drive

  1. Click on the application button
  2. Click “Drive



Step 3

Select and Download

  1. Select all documents you want to transfer over
    • TIP: Ctrl + A  will select all documents in the folder
  2. Right click on one of the documents, choose “Download



Step 4

How the Files are saved

Files will be downloaded in a .zip file format to your computer’s Downloads folder



Step 5

Open OneDrive


You can open the app on your computer or in a browser. You can drag the file to either location. From a browser go to and log in with your [email protected].  


Search for “OneDrive” on your computer and open the application

  • If you are already signed in, it will open the folder, skip to Step 9



Step 6

Login to OneDrive

Enter your [email protected] in the email address field



Step 7

Follow the prompts

  • If you see the “Back up your folders” prompt, make sure to select what you would like to back up.


Step 8

Open OneDrive Folder

Once you have finished the setup steps, clip “Open my OneDrive folder



Step 9

Find your Files in Downloads

Open a new File Explorer window and open your “Downloads” folder

When your Drive download is complete, you will see a file similar to this one, right click on it and extract the files from the zip folder.



Step 10

Drag Files to OneDrive or 

You should now have your Drive download folder open (Left) and your OneDrive folder open (Right)

Highlight all of the items (Ctrl + A) in your Drive download folder and click and drag them over to the OneDrive folder.



Step 11

You are all set!

Your files should begin transferring and will begin syncing with OneDrive!


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