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Classroom Quick Start Guide
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Classroom Quick user guide

Turing on the system

  • Press the “Start” Button on the Classroom Control Panel
    • Note: Control panel is motion activated wave hand or tap screen if blank

Using the functions of the Main Page

  • “PC”, “Laptop”, or “Doc Cam”: Press to select your desired input.
    • Note: follow on screen instructions to connect BYOD device

  • Volume Up/Down: Changes overall volume
  • Audio Mute: Toggle audio mute on or off
  • Image Mute: Toggles the projected image on or off.
  • Image Freeze: Toggles freezing the current projected image in place
  • System off: turns the system off
  • Help: Displays help information
  • Camera Control: Brings up the camera control menu


Using the functions of the Camera Control Menu

  • Zoom IN/OUT: adjust the camera zoom
  • Pan/Tilt: adjust the camera position
  • Caller Volume: Adjust the Volume of the incoming caller
  • Preset: select one of 3 stored camera positions
  • Tracking: Toggles Tracking on and off
    • Note: only available in rooms with tracking cameras

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