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How to Add a VitalSource eBook to Your Canvas Course
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Instructors who are using an inclusive access eBook with your Canvas course provided by Vitalsource will need to follow these instructions. You can access your eBook with either the VitalSource course menu item in Canvas or by adding a link to the eBook from a Canvas module.

Adding the VitalSource course navigation link

Follow these instructions to add the VitalSource LTI tool to your course navigation Menu in Canvas (optional), or go to the instructions for adding the eBook link through a Canvas Module.



If you don't see the VitalSource tool in your course Navigation menu, follow these steps to add it:


1. Select Settings in the course navigation menu and click on the Navigation tab.

2. Under the "Drag items here to hide them from students section, find the VitalSource option and enable it by clicking on the three dots at the right and selecting "Enable" (or drag and drop to the upper section of the list where you want the VitalSource menu option to appear).

3. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save your changes.


The VitalSource LTI tool should now be in your course navigation menu.


Add the VitalSource eBook through a Canvas Module

Use these instructions from VitalSource to add the eBook to as an external tool in a module. Note that the name of the tool is "Bookshelf by VitalSource", but it appears alphabetically in the list of external tools under "V" (for VitalSource).

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