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How to Use Student Activity Center Audio
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Using the Student Activity Center Audio:

  • The following will guide you through using the SAC Audio system.
  • The illustration below shows all the devices you will interact with.
    • This is located in the rear of the Gym Room 119

SAC Audio Rack

Selecting your audio source and Zone:

  • Start by selecting the area you would like to hear audio in, by pressing one of the Zone Selection buttons.
  • Then rotate the Input Selector dial until the desired input is illuminated. Then press the dial in to make the selection.
    • The inputs are as follows:
      • “Gym”: The input box located in the South Bleachers
      • “RF Mic”: The Wireless Microphone
      • “Balcony”: The input box located at the North Balcony
      • “FRT Desk” The input box located at the Front Desk (the usual location for music)
  • Use the Volume dial to adjust the volume to the desired level of each zone.

Audio Control Panel

  • Repeat the previous steps to select the audio source in each zone.


  • Note: If audio is not needed in a particular zone.
    • Select the zone that audio is not needed using the Zone Selection buttons
    • Turn the volume of that zone all the way down, or select and unused input using the Input Selector.
    • Repeat these steps for any zone that audio is not needed.


Other information:

  • The “Gym”, “Balcony”, and “FRT Desk” inputs have multi-input wall plates. The following illustration describes the available connections.
    • Ground Lift: Use to eliminate any unwanted “buzzing” in the audio
    • Line input: Use to connect an audio source such as a music player
      • RCA
      • 3.5mm
    • Line Input Volume: Adjust the volume of the line inputs
    • XLR Mic Input:  Connection for a standard XLR Microphone.
  • It is recommended that the Audio Amps in the SAC Audio Rack remain turned all the way up and all adjustments be made from the Audio Control Panel.

Multi-Input Wall Plate

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