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How to use Zoom in the Classroom
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Using Zoom in a Video Connected Classroom:

Most Classrooms on our campus are now equipped with camera systems that allow you to hold full interactive hybrid style classes.  The following will demonstrate some best practices on utilizing Zoom in a Video Connected Classroom.  

Getting Started:

  • Click the Zoom Desktop Icon

  • Click “Sign in with SSO”

  • In the “Company Domain” field
    • Enter “utahtech-edu
    • Click “Continue


  • In the window that opens enter your UT credentials and click “Sign in
  • In the next window click “Open Zoom Meetings

Checking your settings:

Best Practice: We recommend taking a moment every time before you start your Zoom session and checking that you have the correct audio and video settings. This will ensure that you can be seen, heard, and that you can hear your remote participants.

  • In the Zoom desktop app click the gear icon.

  • In the settings window click the “Video” tab
  • From the “Camera” Dropdown menu
    • Select the correct camera
      • Please Note: some variation exists. Select the camera that gives you the desired view in the preview window.
    • Place a check in “Enable HD
      • All other setting can remain as the default.


  • In the settings window click the “Audio” tab
  • From the “Speaker” Dropdown menu
    • Select Echo Canceling Speakerphone
      • press “Test Speaker
        • If you hear the test tone, you have the correct selection.
  • From the “Microphone” Dropdown menu
    • Select Echo Canceling Speakerphone
      • You will see the “Input Level” bar move when you have made the correct choice. If no movement, check selection
      • Place a check in “Automatically adjust volume

Now that you have verified all your settings.

  • Close the settings window by pressing the “X”

  • You may now start your Zoom session and moderate it in the manor that you are normally accustomed to.

Camera Tips and tricks:

Now that you have the Audio and video setting sorted out let’s look at a few basic camera operations that will make your class experience even better.

Getting Started:

  • There are two possible cameras available in the rooms
    • Vaddio based “Simple Camera System
    • AVer Based “Tracking Camera System
  • Both systems are very similar, their operation will be outlined below.


Using the functions of the Camera Control Menu

Both Camera systems will be operated by accessing the “Camera control” menu from the classroom control panel

  • Zoom IN/OUT: adjust the camera zoom
  • Pan/Tilt: adjust the camera position
  • Caller Volume: Adjust the Volume of the incoming caller
  • Preset: select one of 3 stored camera positions
  • Tracking: Toggles Tracking on and off
    • Note: only available in rooms with tracking cameras

This concludes our basic Video Connected Classroom user guide. Please reach out to IT with any questions.


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