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Automatic Replies on Sponsored Accounts
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How to set up Automatic Replies for your Sponsored Account's Outlook.



Step 1 - Sign into Outlook


In any browser, go to



Sign into your Digital-ID account, not your sponsored account



Step 2 - Open your Sponsored Account email


In the top-right, click on your profile



Select "Open another mailbox"



Type in the email of your sponsored account, and select the correct account



Step 3 - Find Auto Reply in Settings


In your sponsored account, click on the settings gear



At the bottom of the settings, you will click "View all Outlook settings"



This will open a new window, Navigate to "Automatic replies"



Here is where you can turn on Automatic replies



When you turn them on with the slider  You will then have two text boxes that will appear



The top box will contain your reply that will be sent to people within Utah Tech University and have an email address.


The bottom box will contain your reply to those outside of Utah Tech University without an email address.


Make sure you have the "Send replies outside you organization" checked as if you do not, those outside of Utah Tech University will not receive any automatic replies.


You can also specify a time period that you would like to have the replies active

If this is something you would like to use, make sure the check box is active for "Send replies only during a time period"

Read over the other options as they may be useful to handle calendar events



Once you have your replies composed, you can click "Save"



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