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How to Connect a File Share on Mac
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Step 1 - Open Finder


In your Dock, Click on the Finder app



Step 2 - Open Connect to Server


With Finder as the Selected App, Select "Go" in the taskbar at the top of the screen

Then select "Connect to Server"



Step 3 - Connect to Share


A new window will appear asking for a Server Address



Enter the share name as follows: smb://dsu-share-01.sgc

Click "Connect"



If the connection is successful, A new window will appear.

Ensure Registered Users is checked

In the "Name:" box, change the username to your Digital ID

Use your Digital ID password for the "Password:" box



The Shares that you have access to will now show in a list.

Select all that is there and Click "OK"



This will automatically open the File Share




How to make a File Share stay connected

Click on the   , Click on "System Preferences"



Click on Users & Groups



Select "Login Items"



Click on the "+" on the bottom of the window



This will pull up a Finder window, Click on the File Share, Select the "Share" folder and click "Add"



This will save that share when you Signout or Restart your computer. The share will stay!

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