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Linux Wireless Configuration
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This is how to connect a Linux computer to the university Wi-Fi if the connection script provided at does not work.


Note: These screenshots and instructions were captured on Manjaro KDE, though these general instructions should apply to any distro. ( Your mileage may vary )


Before starting this process please reach out to IT to create a Wi-Fi Cert for your Linux device.

Please include...

           - Digital Number (D#)

           - MAC Address of the device

           - Use case/reason for manual certificate


Start by downloading the files sent to you by IT. Put the files in a safe directory on your computer. You will need to keep the extracted files for as long as you want your device to be connected to the university Wi-Fi.


The text file has general information about the Wi-Fi certificate you have been sent.

The p12 file has everything we need to get connected to the Wi-Fi bundled inside.



Create a new Wi-Fi connection and set it to authenticate to Trailblazers



You will need to set the following fields:

  1. Security = WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  2. Authentication = TLS
  3. Identity =
  4. User Certificate = The p12 file you downloaded from IT
  5. Private Key = The p12 file you downloaded from IT
  6. Private Key Password = You should have been told the password when the certificate was sent to you. If not, use 'utahtech'.



Select apply and you should be able to authenticate to the Trailblazers Wi-Fi network.

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