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Wireless Network Configuration
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Utah Tech University has Wireless access available in all campus buildings and in many outdoor locations. The connection is fast, reliable, and secure. Encryption is used for both student and employee connections, ensuring your safety and security online.


If you have a Digital ID

Two wireless offerings are available for students, faculty, and staff, Trailblazers and eduroam.  The Trailblazers wireless network provides secure access to the University network.  If you frequently travel to other educational institutions, the eduroam network is an excellent resource.  When visiting an institution that offers eduroam your device will automatically get guest access using your UT credentials.  When you are here at UT, eduroam behaves the same as Trailblazers, and you will have access to your resources on the University network.


If you live in Campus Housing

Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets will connect to Trailblazers or eduroam. Gaming consoles, streaming devices, personal assistants, and other devices will typically connect to UTconsole. Click the red UTconsole button below to learn more.


If you are a Guest

If you are a guest with access to eduroam, you probably aren't reading this article as your device should automatically connect.  For visitors and guests without access to eduroam, the University offers a third network, UTguest.  UTguest is an open, unencrypted network, similar to what you might expect in a hotel or airport. For the best experience, students and employees should set up Trailblazers or eduroam on their devices.


Get Connected

UT offers an automated configuration tool to help you get your devices securely connected.  Please follow the directions below to get your device set up to use the Wi-Fi network:

  1. IMPORTANT – If you have previously set up Trailblazers or eduroam‘forget’ these networks on your device.  If your device has carrier internet service (i.e. most mobile phones) proceed to step 3
  2. Connect to UTguest (temporarily).  When prompted, choose Complimentary Access. Remember to ‘forget’ UTguest when you are done.
  3. Visit the configuration page for Trailblazers and eduroam by clicking the red buttons below. Please read and follow the directions carefully, the tools are easy to use but a missed step may result in needing to start over.

Trailblazers  |  Eduroam  UTConsole

ANDROID USERS, PLEASE NOTE: The tools above install a small app called SecureW2 JoinNow. Due to limitations in recent versions of the Android operating system, this app must remain installed for UT Wi-Fi to work properly. The app does not do anything other than configuring and maintaining the needed Wi-Fi settings. Sorry for any inconvenience, this issue is out of our control but may change in future versions of Android.


Wireless Network Walkthroughs

If you need help, the links below show screenshots step by step of the configuration for common operating systems. Users of popular Linux distributions can also use the buttons above to configure their devices.


Android  |  IOS  Mac Windows  |  Linux  |  Chrome OS


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