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Chrome OS Wireless Configuration
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**Note** If you have configured Wi-Fi at UT before, make sure you have ‘forgotten’ the Trailblazers network on your device before starting.

And connect to UTguest (temporarily).  When prompted, choose Complimentary Access. Remember to ‘forget’ UTguest when you are done.


Open a browser and navigate to, scroll down and select wireless configuration: (In this case TRAILBLAZERS)



1. Click Install to visit the Chrome Store




2. Click Add to Chrome




3. Click Sign In




4. Sign in with your DigitalID and password




5. Click Download




6. Click the ‘Network’ Tab at the top




7. Select Choose File




8. Navigate to your Downloads Folder. Select SecureW2.onc. Click Open.




9. Select and Connect the Trailblazers network as shown above.




10. Select the Utah Tech University Device Root CA [Utah Tech University Device Root CA]. Click Connect.



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