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Android Wireless Configuration
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Android Wireless Configuration

**Note** If you have configured Wi-Fi at UT before, make sure you have ‘forgotten’ the Trailblazers network on your device before starting.

Open your mobile browser of choice and navigate to: and click "Trailblazers" button.



1. On the next page Step 1: Click on Download button to install the "Secure W2 Joinow" app




2. Tap Install then tap open once installed



3. **Note: Before continuing with wifi installation you must set permissions for the W2 app to do this: Go into settings on your android phone:

Search for Join W2 App, then tap Permissions 

Tap Location Permissions: Tap radial to allow only while using

Tap Phone Permissions: Tap radial to allow



4. Go back to the browser configuration page and Tap "Next"




5. Sign in with your Digital ID and Password

Approve 2fa via Microsoft Authenticator (If Applicable) 




6. Tap YES to save your sign-on




7. Tap Next and then tap "Save" in order to save Trailblazers network



8. You are now configured to use Trailblazers WIFI!




9. In your Wi-fi Settings, Trailblazers should appear similar to below. Due to limitations in recent versions of the Android operating system, the JoinNow app must remain installed for UT Wi-Fi to work properly.

**The app does not do anything other than configure and maintain the needed Wi-Fi settings. Sorry for any inconvenience, this issue is out of our control but may change in future versions of Android.


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