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Transfer Google Content to Utah Tech
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1. Go to and click “Sign-in” in the upper right corner of the screen

  • If you are already signed in or signed in under another account, make sure you are using the correct account

This will be your [email protected], [email protected], or both depending on what you want to migrate. This works for either account.



  1. Click on the application button
  2. Click “Account



3. Click the “Start Transfer” button



4. Enter your [email protected] in the email address field, click “SEND CODE



5. You will receive an email and in the email is a link, click the “Get confirmation code” link



6. You will be taken to a login for google, log in with you [email protected] If you are already logged in with this account, click your account



7. Select and copy the code or write the code down and then click “CONTINUE” or go back to the transfer your content page



8. Enter the confirmation code, click “VERIFY






10. Enter your password if asked, click “Next



11. You are done, this process can take up to a week and you ill be emailed when finished



12. Once completed you will receive an email from Google



13. Go to and log-in with your [email protected] and you will see a folder with your [email protected] or [email protected] This is your transferred data



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