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What are Web Content Editors
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Web Services has a limited team, and the UT website consists of thousands of pages. We do not have the resources to review all of the pages and confirm they are functional and up to date. If every department appoints a Web Content Editor to review and edit their pages, the web team can focus on making a better, safer, more reliable website, and everyone can enjoy the most accurate and helpful information.

How to become a Web Content Editor

  1. Request Editor Access.
    To gain access to WordPress, first fill out this quick form.

  2. Complete the WordPress Training & Sign Memo.
    Our Canvas training course will give you the basics of working with WordPress to edit web content. Once you’ve completed the course, sign our Memorandum of Understanding for Web Content Editors. This memo outlines your rules and responsibilities – make sure you read through it carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

  3. Join the Web Content Editors Outlook group.
    You’ll need to join our Outlook group to receive important updates from the Web Team. On the left navigation of the Outlook App, click ‘Discover Groups’, and search for ‘Web Content Editors’. If you have any trouble finding the group, submit a work order and we will get you added.

  4. Start Editing.
    You’re ready to start editing! We have created some helpful resources if you want to learn more (found below). Remember, if you want any online forms, advanced features, or need help, don’t hesitate to submit a work order.

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