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Digital Business Card Help
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Step 1

Go to and log in with your Digital-ID and Password.

Step 2

Here is where you will build your profile. You will see that some information is already filled out, this is because it is using some of your current information from your Utah Tech account. You are free to correct any information that may be wrong. Double check that your preferred name and email are correct.

Note: There is a field to select your birthday, but the only available year is this year. This is so no important information is given out. Feel free to leave this blank if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this information.


Step 3

If you would like to select an image, hover over the picture frame and click the cloud with the arrow. This will prompt you to choose an image from your files. If your image isn’t fitting the frame, you can go to our web image optimizing tool and use the “Electronic Business Card” option to crop your image.


Step 4

While adding office hours, the period of time selected will default to available office hours, select one of the adjacent boxes to select a setting to show when you are available, working remotely, or aren’t available.

Note: Double check that AM and PM are selected correctly.


Step 5

You may upload a resume or cover letter to your profile if you would like. Make sure the file is a .pdf before uploading.


Step 6

If you would like for fellow employees or students to easily find where you are located, you may select to display a virtual map on your profile. Select “Yes” if you would like to add this to your profile.


Step 7

If you would like to share your socials on your profile, paste your profile link (ex. into the proper field.


Step 8

Many templates have been made by our web team to give you many options to best fit your profile to you! Select a template and select “Preview Profile Page” to view your information in the template you selected.


Step 9

Once you feel you are ready to publish our profile, click the green “Save” button in the bottom right corner then scroll to the top of the page where there is a red switch with the text “Unpublished” under it. Click the switch, once it is green and the text changes to “Published,” click the link above the switch. Copy this link to paste in contact forms, emails, etc.

Those who come to your website can find your office location, contact info, etc. You can easily share your information with others by having them scan the QR code next to your name. This will automatically create a contact for you in their phone.


Step 10

If you are attending a public event and want to share your contact info with many others, but don’t want to show your full profile, at the bottom of the edit page is a box titled “Electronic Business Card Only.” If you turn this on, it will only show your image and the QR code.

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