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How to use HCC537 "Zion Room"
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HCC537 (Zion Room) Operation Guide
To start let’s familiarize ourselves with the different elements of the room that we will be referring to throughout this guide.

  • The below illustration (Figure 1) shows the locations of the various parts of the system that you may need to interact with.  


Figure 1


As we go through this guide, we will reference Figure 1 several times. 



Basic Presentation

This section will demonstrate how to display a simple presentation with the same image displayed on all four displays.

  • To start locate the Push Button Control Panel located on the Podium connected to the Left Floor Box (see Figure 1).
  • Press the “System ON” button (See Figure 2)
    • While the system starts up there will be a short 30 second delay before you can continue

Figure 2


  • You can now select from one of the five input selections (HDMI, Wireless, and VGA) to display on the screens. (By default, “HDMI” is selected)
    • Note: HDMI and VGA on the Push Button Control Panel refer specifically to the connections in the Left Floor Box AV Connections (See Figure1 for location)
    • When using “Wireless” the on-screen display will guide you through connecting your device.  Detailed operation will be discussed later in this guide
  • To use your own device, you can connect via HDMI or VGA (see Figure 2.1) at the podium connections which are connected to the Left Floor box (see Figure 1)

Figure 2.1

  • To adjust the volume, use the volume knob on the Push Button Control Panel (see Figure 2)
  • The “Mute” button (see Figure 2.2) will mute/unmute all audio.
  • The “Blank On/Off” (see Figure 2.2) will hide/show the image on all displays. 

Figure 2.2


Advanced operation

The remainder of this guide will focus on the full operation of all the system operations from the Room Control Touch Panel located near the AV Rack (see Figure1)

  • To turn the system on Press the Power button on the Start page (see Figure 3)
    • The Start page also has buttons to bring up “Phone Control*” and “Audio Control” without having to turn the entire system on.
    • The operation of these buttons will be outlined later in this guide.
  • Once the system has started up you will be at the Main Page (see Figure 3.1).  
    •  From this page, you can access all other room functions.

Figure 3



Figure 3.1

Input Selections (see Figure 3.1)

This menu selection lets you select which input will display on the screen.

    • Wireless BYOD and Composite do not have any additional controls.
    • Blu-Ray: when selected will display the player controls (see Figure 4)
    • HDMI: Will give you the choice to select from the available HDMI input locations (see Figure 4.1)


Figure 4


Figure 4.1

    • VGA: Will give you the choice to select from the available VGA input locations (see Figure 4.2)
      • To find the location of the HDMI or VGA connections please see Figure 1
      • Please Note: The podium AV connections are connected to Floor Box Left

Figure 4.2


Audio Control (see Figure 3.1)

This menu selection lets you adjust or Mute the audio. (see Figure 4.2)

    • House Mics: This controls the overall volume of the Microphones
      • The individual microphone volume is controlled automatically   
    • Rear Audio Input: Adjust the volume of the rear audio inputs
      • Located at the Wall Plate AV connections
    • Video: Adjust the volume from the active video input source.
    • Caller In: Adjust the volume of the remote caller, in a conference call
    • Main: Adjust the overall volume of the entire system

Figure 4.2


Room Mode (see Figure 3.1)

This menu lets you select between the different room display modes. (see Figure 6)

    • Presentation mode: This mode shows the same image on all four displays
    • Individual Mode: This mode can show a discreet image on each display.

Figure 6

Display Selection (see Figure 3.1)

This menu will change based on the room mode that you have selected.

  • Presentation mode: (See Figure 6.1) you will see “All Displays” when you select an input that input will show on all displays
  • Individual Mode: (See Figure 6.2) The Menu will change to “North TV”, “West TV”, “East TV”, and “East TV”. Press each one and select an input for each.

Figure 6.1

Figure 6.2


AV Connections (see Figure1)

This section will explain the AV connections available to you.

  • Floor Box AV Connections: (See Figure 7) this houses various AV connections available in the three Floor boxes.
    • HDMI/ VGA: Connections for a laptop or mobile device
      • Note: Center Floor box does not have VGA
      • Note: center Floor Box has an HDMI out
    • Microphone Input:  2 XLR microphone connections
    • Note: The Left Floor Box has a connection for the Push Button Control Panel located on the Podium   

Figure 7


  • Wall Plate AV Connections: (See Figure 7.1) this houses various AV connections available near the rear of the room.
    • HDMI In: Connections for a laptop or mobile device
    • HDMI Out: this output mirrors the Projector Video.
    • Microphone/ Audio Line Input:  2 XLR audio inputs
    • Audio Line Out: 2 XLR line level outputs

Figure 7.1

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