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How to Download your Google Drive Files
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This will be an explanation on how to download your files from Google Drive.

Step 1

Sign into your Google Account

Go to and click “Sign-in” in the upper right corner of the screen

Ensure you are logged into the correct account, if you need to sign into your account follow this Article



Step 2

Open Google Drive

  1. Click on the application button
  2. Click “Drive



Step 3

Select and Download

  • Select all documents you want to download
    • TIP: Ctrl + A  will select all documents in the folder
  • Right click on one of the documents, choose “Download



Step 4

How the File are Saved

Files will be downloaded in a .zip file format to your computer’s Downloads folder



Step 7

Find your Files in Downloads

Open a File Explorer window and open your “Downloads” folder

When your Drive download is complete, you will see a zip folder similar to this one.

Right click on it and extract the files from the zip folder to anywhere you would like.




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