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Transfer Google Content to Utah Tech

1. Go to and click “**Sign-in**” in the upper right corner of the screen * If you are already signed in or signed in under another account, make sure you are using the correct account This will be your [email protected], [email protected], or both depending on what you want to migrate. This …

Dmail Retirement

ATTENTION DMAIL AND DIXIE GOOGLE WORKSPACE FOR EDUCATION USERS Utah Tech University will retire the Dixie Google Workspace for Education, including all Dmail accounts, due to the University officially changing its name. If you wish to keep any information from your Dixie Google account, you will need to transfer or d…

How to Log in to Dmail

To login to your Dmail account, 1. Go to [][1] and log in with your Digital [email protected] ([email protected]). ![][2] 2. You'll see the Utah Tech Azure authentication login next, where you will need to enter your Digital ID@**** (d00123456@****). ![][3] …

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