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How Do I Create or login to my Utah Tech Zoom account?

All Faculty, Staff, and Students are entitled to a Zoom professional account through the University. This account allows certain privileges above a free personal Zoom acccount (cloud recording -full-time faculty/staff only, no 40-minute limitation on meeting length, etc.). Faculty and staff wishing to use the Zoom int…

Student Email FAQ

# **Frequently Asked Questions** All students now have a new Utah Tech email account. All official communication, including waitlist notifications will be sent to the new “” email address and not to the previous “” email address. Students will want to begin checking that new email account…

How do I find my Digital ID or change my password?

Did you know we have a password self-service website that you can use to reset your Utah Tech password or look up your Digital ID? Go to [][1] ## **If You've Forgotten Your Password or Haven't Received It** Click on "**Reset with Email**" near the top right of your screen. ![][2]…

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