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Migrating Dmail to Outlook

# How to Migrate Emails from Dmail to Utah Tech Outlook ## Step 1 Open the Outlook Desktop App * This process is only available through the application and not through the web client ![][1] ## Step 2 - Connect Dmail account to Outlook Click "File" in the top-left corner ![][2] Click the "Add Account" button …

Download your Google data with Google Takeout

This article will show how to access and download all your and files. Step 1 Sign into Google Go to and click “Sign-in” in the upper right corner of the screen * If you are already signed in or signed in under another account, make sure you are using the correct account T…

About Dmail

All Dmail email services will be discontinued June 30th, 2024 and all other data will be deleted June 30th, 2025. Please transfer or download any files you would like to keep. Students and Employees can transfer their files to the Google Workspace for Education with the wizard built into Google. [https:/…

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