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Migrating Dmail to Outlook
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How to Migrate Emails from Dmail to Utah Tech Outlook


Step 1


Open the Outlook Desktop App

  • This process is only available through the application and not through the web client


Step 2 - Connect Dmail account to Outlook


Click "File" in the top-left corner


Click the "Add Account" button below your account


You will now need to sign into your [email protected] account or this can also be done with any gmail account


Follow the prompts given to you to sign into the account


If you are trying to sign into your account, you will be prompted to sign into you account, and it will reroute to your account


You will also be given this prompt, Click "Allow"


Click "Done"

You have successfully logged into your account if you can see the inbox on the left in Outlook


Step 3 - Export Emails


Click "File" again


Click "Open & Export


Click "Import/Export"


A new window will open

Select "Export to a file"

Click "Next"


Select "Outlook Data File"

Click "Next"


You will want to select the folder that is named [email protected]

  • Ensure it is not just the inbox for the dmail account, you will want to migrate everything, unless all you need is just the inbox or specific folder.

Click "Next"


Click "Browse"


Make sure to save the file somewhere where you can find it easily, we will need it in the upcoming steps

Make sure to name the files something you can easily understand as well

Click "OK"


Click "Finish"


It will ask if you would like to put a password in the file for extra protection, if you find this necessary, please do it

If you don't need a password, leave both fields blank

Click "OK"


Step 4 - Create Folder for Imported Emails


Right-click on your account email in your Outlook inbox

Click "New Folder"


Name the Folder to an appropriate name


Click on the new folder you have created

This will be important for following steps


Step 5 - Import Emails


Click "File"


Click "Open & Export"


Click "Import/Export"


Select "Import from another program or file"


Select "Outlook Data File"


Browse to where you saved the Dmail Emails


Click "Next"


You will have two options here:


  1. Import items into the current folder
    • This will place your Dmail Emails into the new folder we created in Step 4
    • I recommend this option as it separates your Outlook inbox from your Dmail inbox
  2. Import items into the same folder in:
    • This will place the emails into the corresponding folders that your Dmail has
    • This will mix your two inboxes
    • If you choose this one, make sure to Select your account and not the account.


This is what it will look like if you migrate into a folder

Initially you won't be able to see any email in the Inbox

This is because there are some Outlook Filters applied that won't show Gmail Emails



To fix this, Click "Filter applied" in the bottom-left of Outlook


A new window will pop up

Click "Clear All"


This will allow you to see the emails in the folder


Step 6 - Disconnecting you Dmail Account from Outlook


Click "File"


Click the "Account Setting" drop down

Click "Account Settings..."


Select your [email protected]



Click "Remove"


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