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How To Setup A Team For File Sharing
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How to setup a Team for file sharing

This document will show you how to setup a Team file share and add and remove people.

Warning: Online shares are only as secure as you make them. If you accidently share private information, it could be a bad day.

First open the team’s app or teams on the web.

On the left side click Teams.

On the right side click Join or create team

Click Create a team

Pick your type of team.

Staff or Class recommended depending on your needs.

Give your team a descriptive name, for example, Department of Information Technology. Click Next.

Type in the names of the people you want to add to the Team.

Click add for each person. Once added you can change the role of the person added. Adding another owner will make it so they can add other people to the team.

Once created, click the files tab at the top of the team. You can now add new files and folders to your team.

 To add the files to OneDrive so you can edit them locally, click the Add shortcut to OneDrive button.

Now you can open OneDrive on your local computer or over the web in a web browser at The folder will show up in a few minutes as General – Team Name, under your OneDrive.


How to add members later.

Open the team and click the three dots next to the department name and then click manage team.

You will see all the members and you can add members or remove members. You can also change roles of each person. Click Add member to add more people. 


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