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Migrating a Dixie Shared Drive to a new Utah Tech Shared Drive
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Step 1 - Create a Utah Tech Shared Drive


Go to and sign in with you [email protected] account 



Once signed in, Navigate to your "Drive"



On the left of the page, select "Shared drives"



Create your new Shared Drive on your Utah Tech account



This will automatically open the new drive


Step 2 - Share New Drive with Dixie Account


Click on "Manage members" in the top-right corner



Add in the account that has access to manage your Dixie Shared Drive



Once you add in the account, you will want to click the drop-down menu and change access from "Content Manager" to "Manager"

  • This will ensure the transfer will allow everything to move from Dixie to Utah Tech
  • NOTE: This is also where you will share the Utah Tech Shared Drive with everyone who needs access to the files.



Click "Send"



You will see this pop up saying you are sharing with an external account, it is alright to share with accounts

Click "Share anyway"




Step 3 - Sign into your Dixie Shared Drive account


This step is similar to Step 1 but will have you initially sign into you account.



Step 4 - Transfer Files from Dixie Shared Drive to Utah Tech Shared Drive


Navigate to "Drive" on your Dixie account



On the left of the page, select "Shared drives"



You should now see all the drives your Dixie account has access to, including the new Utah Tech Drive.



Open your Dixie Shared Drive and select all files and folders you would like to move to the new Utah Tech Shared Drive

  • NOTE: Everything that has a blue highlight means it is selected, you can select multiple items by holding "ctrl" or "command" keys



Right-click on one of the selected items and select "Move to"



A new window will pop up and you will want to use the "Back" arrow to help navigate to the Utah Tech Shared Drive




Select your Utah Tech Shared Drive and click "MOVE"



A warning pop up about changing the ownership to a shared drive. This is exactly what we want, we want to move away from Dixie State University to Utah Tech University.

Click "Move"



Once everything has moved, Double check that everything you need is in the Utah Tech Shared Drive

NOTE: Depending on how many files you have on your drive, the time it will take to move will vary




Step 5 - Log out of you Dixie account and removing it from the Utah Tech Shared Drive


To sign out of your account, click on your account in the top-right corner



Click "Sign out"



Switch back to where you were logged into your Utah Tech account and open your Drive



Open the Utah Tech Shared Drive and ensure you can access all the files



Now click on "Manage members" again



Select the drop down menu next to the account and click "Remove access"



Click "Save"



You should be all set! Ensure you are still able to open the files you have moved


Step 6 - Sharing your Utah Tech Shared Drive


Open your Shared Drive and click "Manage members"



This is where you will add in those who need access to the Shared Drive

  • NOTE: Ensure you give proper access to the Drive, this will help with security of the drive.


Add any optional notes and click "Send"




Tips for Shared Drives and Use


  • Talk with those who you sent the access to and ensure they are able to access the Drive
  • Ensure access to the drive is current and updated when employees join and leave the university
  • Ensure when migrating to Utah Tech Shared Drive that users stop using the Dixie Shared Drive


If you need any assistance with this process, please contact Riker Evans with Systems Administration.


[email protected]


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