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Incomplete Students In Canvas
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Students only have access to courses through the end of the semester + approximately two weeks beyond that. If you have students that need access beyond that time, such as a student that needs to finish work for an Incomplete grade, you have three options:


  1. Extend the course end date to allow enough time for the student to complete work in the course (all students in the course will continue to have access through the course end date)
  2. Add the student to a current semester's course (a Canvas Admin will need to do this)
  3. Work with the student outside of Canvas to finish the course


Each of these options are explained in more detail below.


1. Extend the Course End Date

One of the easiest ways you can deal with students that need access to a course beyond the end of the semester is to change the course end date in course settings. This will keep the course open for all students enrolled in the course, however. To extend the course end date,


  1. Select Settings in the Course menu on the left.
  2. Make sure Participation is set to Course and change the End date to the date appropriate for the student to have access to complete assignments.


  1. Adjust any quiz or assignment dates as necessary for the student.


2. Add the Student to a Current Semester's Course to Complete Assignments

It may be easier to add the student to a current semester's course to complete assignments. Student enrollments are managed by Banner, so you will need to request the student to be added to the new course if you choose this option. Be sure to include the student's ID and the 5-digit CRN of the section that the student should be added in your request.


3. Work With the Student Outside of Canvas to Finish the Course

The last option you have is to just work individually with the student through email/in person to complete the required course requirements outside of Canvas.

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