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Adding Autocrat to Google Extensions
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How to add Autocrat to your Google Extensions and how to access it.


Step 1 - Sign Into Utah Tech Google Drive


Go to and click "Sign in"


Sign in with your Digital-ID Account



Step 2 - Navigate to Google Workspace Marketplace


Click on the menu    and scroll to the bottom.

Click on "More from Google Workspace Marketplace"



Step 3 - Find and Install Autocrat


In the search bar on this new page, type in "Autocrat"



Hit enter, Then select the Autocrat box



Now click the "Install" button


You will get a window asking for permission to install, click "CONTINUE"



Select the account you are installing Autocrat on



Scroll to the bottom of this window and click "Allow"



Now you can click "Done"



Step 4 - How to Access Autocrat in Sheets


Click on the menu  and go to "Sheets"



Create a new Sheet or use a pre-existing Sheet



In your Tool Bar at the top of the sheet, click "Extensions"



A Drop down will appear with Autocrat


NOTE: Sometimes it will take a second to load Autocrat so it may not be there

             Just close the drop down and open it again and wait for autocrat to appear



Hover over Autocrat and click "Launch"



For how to use Autocrat, Follow this article here:

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