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Enabling Outlook Macros
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How to Enable Outlook Macros and Developer Mode - WINDOWS ONLY


This How To will only work on Windows computers as it enables Visual Basic and that is only available on Windows.



Step 1 - Open Outlook



Step 2 - Enable Developer Mode


We need to add the Developer tab to our ribbon at the top

Right click on the empty space next to "Report Phishing" 

Select "Customize the Ribbon..."



A new window will pop up and you will want to find "Developer" on the right side


You will then click on the check box next to Developer



Click "OK"




Step 3 -Enable Macros


Click on "File"



Click on "Options"



Click on "Trust Center"



Click on "Trust Center Settings"


Click on "Macro Settings"



Select "Notifications for all macros"

This will notify you every time you launch Outlook and will give you the choice of enabling or disabling macros for that Outlook session

You can "Enable all macros" but just be aware that the macros you use will always be active



Click "OK"



Step 4 - Accessing macros and Visual Basic


Click on the "Developer" Tab



Now you can access your macros and Visual Basic


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