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How To Update Personal Email Addresses in MyUT
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This guide shows how you can update your personal email address in MyUT. Your personal email address is also the address that is used to reset passwords through


Step 1

Sign in to your MyUT portal by going to or clicking the link in the Utah Tech Home page, (First click MY UT in top right of the screen, then LOG IN TO MY UT).


Step 2

Sign in using and password, and authenticate


Step 3

Click on "Personal Information"


Step 4

In the "Email" section click the  button (top right), or edit an existing email using the  button located under each email listed.


Step 5

From the "Email Type" drop-down box, select Personal, and then enter your email address in the Email Address field. If you wish to receive most of your communications through this email address, check the Mark as Preferred box (Note that the system will reset the preferred email address back to the address for employees). Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Add (or Update if editing).

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