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Common Sign In Issues
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Regardless of the service, we find that most UT sign in issues can be resolved by trying the following:

  1. Sign out of the website. Depending on the error, the sign out button might not be available to you, in which case use the general Azure sign out (note this will sign you out of all Microsoft services as well).
  2. Restart the browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  3. Sign back in
  4. If sign in still isn't working, you may need to clear your browser cache
    • If given an option for a time range, be sure to select "all time" (or your browser's equivalent)
    • Be sure to clear cookies during this process
  5. Some sign in issues can be resolved if you change your password.

Please refer to these above steps as you review the solutions for your specific problem below.


Banner Self-Service (My UT)


Invalid username/password; Logon denied.

This can sometimes be solved by signing out and back in. Other times it might require clearing your browser cache.


Banner Admin Pages


User not authenticated

This is solved by signing out and back in. Simply use the "Sign Out" button to sign out:

**update** We are aware another issue causing this error that seems to only affect Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers (e.g. Edge). For now, the workaround is to simply refresh your browser and try again until you are able to access the page you need. Another workaround is to use a non-Chromium-based browser like Firefox or Safari.



Service Invocation Failed - Couldn't access remote service

Note: we have been seeing a variation of this error saying Session Initialization Failed. The steps to resolve it are similar.


This error has many causes, but if it is a sign in issue, the likely cause is blocked third-party cookies. This error is preceded by an extended wait on a blank page with a "spinner."

To allow third-party cookies for Banner in Chrome, look for the eye icon in your navigation bar. If it has a line through it, you will want to click on it, then click on "Site not working?", then click on "Allow Cookies".


third-party cookies are blocked - Site not working?

Other browsers may have a different process for allowing third-party cookies. You should be able to find the correct steps by searching the internet for "allow third-party cookies" and include your specific browser. Note that there are two methods to this process. One is to allow all third-party cookies, and the other is to allow third-party cookies just for the service that needs it. This is a personal privacy decision that is up to you.

Once third-party cookies are enabled, simply refresh the page and try again.


If you are not currently blocking third-party cookies, and you still see this error, try signing out and in again. We have seen instances where this error is preceded by a loading screen and the following browser console error:

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'.

So far, the "sign out--sign in" method has been effective at resolving this.


We have also seen some ad-blockers causing this error. Try disabling any ad-blockers or other extensions that you feel might be blocking content, and try loading the page again. If you find it is your ad-blocker (or other extension) causing the error, see if there's a way to add an exception for and and then try re-enabling it. If there is no way to add an exception, you may need to find a different ad-blocker that can allow exceptions.



Your session has expired. Click Reload to access login page.

Sometimes the Reload option works, but if you've come this far, you're likely stuck in a sign-on loop that is caused by invalid cookies. This can be resolved by clearing your cookies and signing in again.


Degree Works


Whitelabel Error Page - Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message

The "Whitelabel" error has many causes that don't always involve problems with sign in. Note at the bottom "Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message," indicates that this is a sign in problem.

You will likely only see this error when attempting to access the "classic" dashboard ( The new dashboard ( seems to be unaffected.

A simple sign out and sign in should resolve it temporarily, but the classic dashboard will likely not allow for more than two hours before the error re-occurs.



This user does not have permission to access Dashboard.

This seems to happen the first time you log into Degree Works through Microsoft Azure. Instead of logging out, as it suggests, simply go back to and the problem should resolve itself. If it does not, try signing out and back in again.


Azure (all UT services)


We couldn't find an account with that username. Try another, or get a new Microsoft account.

If you use an incorrect login ID, you will get this error. You should sign in with your Digital [email protected] (example: [email protected]).

You may also get this error if you are trying to sign into your Utah Tech email, but you do not currently have an active Utah Tech email address (e.g. admitted students who have not yet registered for classes, alumni, former employees). For newly admitted students, this should resolve itself once you register for a class.

We do not maintain email accounts for alumni or former employees. If you feel this is in error, please submit a ticket or contact the IT Helpdesk at 435-879-4357.

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