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Embed Videos into the Rich Content Editor
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How to Embed Videos Into Canvas' Rich Content Editor:

Step 1


When Viewing the rich content editor, click the "Insert" button at the top, hover your mouse over "Media", then click on "Upload/Record Media"

Step 2


Next you can choose to upload an existing file from your computer, or record a video right on the spot and upload that.


To upload an existing file, click inside the rocket box, find the file you want, then drag and drop the file into the rocket box.




To record a new video and upload it, go to the "Record" tab. There are options to turn on or off your microphone and webcam. When you are ready to record, click "Start Recording" and click "Finish" when you are done.

Step 3


After uploading or recording, you can name the file then click "Submit" if it's a file upload, or the green "Save Media" button for new recordings, and it will pop the video into the content editor.

Step 4


You can type whatever you want before and/or after the video and then you're good to go.


Step 5


Don't forget to save your changes!

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