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Microsoft Teams Meetings Guide
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Creating a Meeting

   1. Open in a supported browser or install the desktop app. (They are almost identical)

   2. Click ‘Calendar’ on the left-hand side.

   3. Double click a time slot or click ‘New Meeting’ in the upper right-hand corner.

   4. Enter a title

   5. Select the appropriate time

   6. If you want the meeting to repeat for a class, click the down arrow next to, “Does not repeat” and select ‘Custom’.

   7. Click the down arrow next to ‘Day’ and select ‘Week’.

   8. Select the days of the week the class is held.

   9. Select the appropriate end date and click ‘Save’.

  10. To generate a link, you’ll need to add at least one person to the meeting. Click ‘Add required attendees’ and add one other person (a student will work). Click Add required attendees and type in their Digital ID. And click their name once it appears below.

  11. Click ‘Send’ on the upper right hand side of the screen.

  12. Open the meeting back up. In the body of the meeting will be the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link. Right click the link and copy the link.

  13. Send the link to the people you want to join the meeting. You may use Canvas or email to distribute the link by pasting the link that was copied.


How to Allow Students to Join Without Approval

Students may or may not use their Digital ID when connecting. If they don’t use their Digital ID they must each be admitted by the presenter. This setting will make it so anyone with the link can join without approval.


   1. Click ‘Calendar’ and open the meeting. On the middle of the meeting click ‘Meeting options’.

   2. Change ‘Who can bypass the lobby?’ to ‘Everyone’. Click the down arrow next to ‘People in my organization’, change it to ‘Everyone’.

   3. Optional: change the, ‘Who can present’ to ‘Only me’. This will make the instructor the only presenter. This can be changed back if needed or see below on how to add a presenter during a meeting.


How to Join a Previously Created Meeting

   1. Open or the app and log in.
   2. On the left-hand side click the calendar, and find the meeting.
   3. Click the ‘Join’ button. 

   4. If there isn’t a join button, that means there is only one person in the meeting. You will need to open the meeting (double-click it) and add at least one student.

Note: adding students will not notify them that they have a meeting with you. You will need to send the link to them in email or through Canvas.


How to Add a Participant

   1. Go to and click on ‘Calendar’
   2. Find the meeting and double-click it to open it.
   3. In the ‘Add required attendees’, add at least one student. Enter their DixieID and click their name when it shows up. Then click ‘Send update’ in the upper right-hand corner. This will not email most students. The link that is now created in the body of the meeting needs to be sent to them.


How to Use Teams Once Joined

   1. Moving the mouse will make this task bar appear:

   2. The time (shown below) will tell you the length of the meeting

   3. Use the camera icon to toggle between enabling/disabling your camera 

   4. Use the microphone button to mute/unmute your microphone

   5. Clicking the three dots will expand and display the options shown below

   6. Click the square/arrow icon shown below to share your screen or a single window. You may use this to share documents or PowerPoint presentations that are on your computer.

   7. Click the speech bubble icon to message participants

   8. Use icon shown below to view the participants and access options to limit their participation

   9. To change an attendees’ participation, hover your mouse over the student. Click the three dots for the following options:


  10. It is best to mute the participant and make them an attendee so they cannot manipulate the meeting

  11. End the meeting


How to Mute Everyone

   1. Click the participants icon, shown below:

2. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of participants, click the ‘Mute All’ button


How to Share an Existing Meeting

   1. Open or open the desktop app

   2. Click Calendar and find the meeting you want to share. Click it to open it.

   3. Right click the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ and select ‘Copy link’.

   4. Paste the link into an email, Canvas or other means to get the student the link. If there isn’t a link, you need to add at least one participant.


How to Remove a Participant

   1. Click the Show Participants icon, shown below:

   2. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of participants. Hover your mouse over the person you want to remove from the class. Click the three dots next to their name and select ‘Remove participant’.


How to Make a Student a Presenter

   1. Click the Show Participants icon

   2. On the right-hand side, you will see a list of participants. Put your mouse over the person you want to make a presenter. Click the three dots next to their name and select ‘Make a presenter.’


How to Record a Session

   1. Open teams
   2. Join a meeting
   3. Once joined, click the three dots (shown below)

   4. Then click ‘Start recording’

   5. The session will be recorded. You will see the recording symbol on the left of the menu

   6. The recording will be in the meeting under the chat tab. The recording will not be available immediately. Once available you can watch or share it. Click the three dots on the video and get link and copy.

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