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About Mailing Lists
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How a Mailing List Works:

A mailing list allows a person to send email to many people by only sending the message to a single address. Anyone belonging to the mailing list will receive the email. Three of Utah Tech University’s most-used mailing lists include UT Official, UT Announce, and Opine. UT Official and UT Announce are mandatory for all addresses, and Opine is an optional list and can be subscribed to and unsubscribed from at any time.


Utah Tech University has two types of Mailing Lists:

  • Exchange Distribution Groups mailing lists (UT Official, UT Announce, and Opine)
  • List Serve mailing lists (Other lists)


Comparison of Mailing Lists:

  List Serve Exchange Distribution Group
Can e-mail Yes Yes
Can e-mail outside Yes No
Size Limit 1 MB 30MB
Mail Delivery Slow Fast


The Mailing Lists:


  • UT Official: This mandatory mailing list is reserved for official University communications from the president, vice presidents, and other authorized administrators and goes to all faculty and staff.
  • UT Announce: This mandatory mailing list is for important announcements regarding official University business. The announcements must be sent to [email protected]. Messages should be formatted exactly how you want the subject line and body to look when the announcement goes out to all faculty and staff. The message will be approved by the University Marketing & Communication office the same day before being disseminated.
  • Opine: This mailing list, for which employees must sign up, is for topics not covered or approved through the above channels. An email sent to this list will be delivered to all people subscribed to this list without requiring any kind of approval. This mailing list is optional and can be added or removed at the faculty or staff’s discretion.


Other mailing lists:  Lists can be requested by campus groups and users. Please know the name of the list, the purpose and audience requested. You will also need to pick the type of list, we can help with this, so please look at the table above for the differences.


How to request a list:  To request a new mailing list, please create a work order with the name of the list, the people allowed to email the list, and the list’s purpose. Request the list at


How to Join Opine or other groups:

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