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How to setup the Zoom App
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Here are the steps to sign into the Zoom app and set up video and audio.

If you do not have the zoom app. Please open a browser and navigate to to download the client.

If you need help with any part of this installation please contact the techs at (x8324) or submit a ticket.


Once installed:

1. Open the Zoom app and tap on the "Sign in" button.



2. Tap the SSO button



3. Please type our company domain:

  • utahtech-edu
  • And Press Continue



4. Your default browser will open asking you to "Open". If you aren't signed in it will take you to the adfs Log in page where you can put in your digital ID and password.

  • Press the "Open" button



5. The Zoom app will start and open the main Zoom menu screen.

  • Press the gear icon under your picture to access Zoom video and audio settings 



6. First check video settings:

  • Press Video on the left pane
  • Make sure to press the Camera drop-down and select the proper camera if you have multiple
  • Check the HD button to access higher picture quality



7. Then press Audio settings on the left plane:

  • Test your mic by speaking in front of your computer and making sure the Input level moves according to your voice
  • If your mic doesn't work, press the drop-down and select a different mic if you have more than one.



8. Once you have done all these steps feel free to enjoy using Zoom!



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