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Outlook on Web
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This will be a very brief introduction to the Outlook Desktop Client including:

  • How to log in
  • Basic overview of your inbox
  • Basic overview of new email window
  • How to create a new email
  • Signatures



Step 1

Go to Sign in Page

Go to and click “Sign in



Step 2

Type in Email

Type in your Digital [email protected] in the space provided

Click “Next



Step 3

Type Password

Type in your password the corresponds to your Digital ID

Click “Sign in



Step 4

Stay Signed in?

You will be prompted with a question asking if you would like to Stay signed in

You should never say “Yes” to this question when on a public computer

If you are on a personal computer you are more than welcome to choose either way, just be cautious with staying signed in





1) Email List and View

This is where you can see all of the email that you receive as well as view content that resides with each email


2) Inbox and Other Folders

This is where you can select what Inbox you are in and you can create folders the “Create new folder” button to help organize your incoming emails


3) Toolbar and Options

This has some basic options to choose from that effect the selected email

In the top right you can see your Account as well as Settings that can be changed to your liking


1) To, Cc, and Subject Lines

To: This is where you will type the email you would like to send to

Cc: Or Carbon Copy, this is used when you want to send a copy of the email to someone who needs to stay in the loop but is not necessarily a part of the conversation

Subject: This is the basic idea of what the email is about, make sure to keep it short and simple


2) Composing Space

This is where you can type the content of the email you want to send


3) Toolbar and Options

This is where you can edit options while composing your email

This is also where you can “Send” or “Discard” the email




This will show you how to start the composition of a new email as well as give you a small introduction to the New Email window

Step 1

Click New Message

Find the “New Message” button in the top left corner of your window



Step 2

Type in Destination Email

In the “To” line, begin typing in the email you would like to send to

TIP: If it is a email from Utah Tech, it will pop up in a suggestion list as seen in the image



Step 3

Finish and Send

Give the email a subject and type the message you want

When you are done, click the “Send” button





Step 1

Find the Settings button

Find and click on the Settings Button in the top right corner of the window




Step 2

View all Outlook Settings

A side window will open

Click on “View all Outlook settings” near the bottom of that window



Step 3

Compose and Reply

A new window will open

Under the “Compose and reply” section, you will find the Email signature settings



Step 4

Fill out the Signature

In the Edit signature name line, type what you would like to title the signature

Then fill out what you would like the signature to be



Step 5

Click New Signature

Click on the “New signature” button

This will clear the text below but don’t worry, your signature was saved



Step 6

Set the Defaults

Now that the signature is saved

You can select which signatures you would like for New messages and Forwards/Replys


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