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Classroom User Guide General

# **Classroom User Guide** The following guide will explain the operations of the Standard Classroom * The Below images shows the most common classroom components you may need to interact with ![][1] * NOTE: Computer Tower is typically mounted below the desk. Location varies with furniture in the room * NOT…

How to use HCC537 "Zion Room"

# **HCC537 (Zion Room) Operation Guide** To start let’s familiarize ourselves with the different elements of the room that we will be referring to throughout this guide. * # The below illustration (Figure 1) shows the locations of the various parts of the system that you may need to interact with. ![Figure 1][1]…

Classroom Quick Start Guide

# **Classroom Quick user guide** Turing on the system * Press the “Start” Button on the Classroom Control Panel * **Note: Control panel is motion activated wave hand or tap screen if blank ** ![][1] ## **Using the functions of the Main Page** * “PC”, “Laptop”, or “Doc Cam”: Press to select your desired i…

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