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Add Another Method to Multi-Factor Authentication or Self Service Password Reset

It is recommended that you configure at least one other method. This will allow you to still MFA or reset your password when your primary method is not available. ## Step 1 Go to and click "Update Info" under "Security info." ![][1] ## Step 2 Click Add sign-in method ![][2] ## Step 3 Cl…

Student Email FAQ

# **Frequently Asked Questions** All students now have a new Utah Tech email account. All official communication, including waitlist notifications will be sent to the new “” email address and not to the previous “” email address. Students will want to begin checking that new email account…

How to Log in to Dmail

To login to your Dmail account, 1. Go to [][1] and log in with your Digital [email protected] ([email protected]). ![][2] 2. You'll see the Utah Tech Azure authentication login next, where you will need to enter your Digital [email protected]**** ([email protected]****). ![][3] …

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