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Using the HTML Signature in Outlook
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Before you get started: Make sure you have completed your Electronic Business Card. For a guide on how to complete the business card, click here


Step 1 

In your favorite Desktop internet browser, navigate to and select the "Email Signatures" tab on the top right of the page. 


Step 2

  1. Click the "Generate" button
    • Generated signature options will only appear when completed
  2. To the right of "Outlook HTML Signature" click "Download Zip File"



Step 3

Navigate to your "Downloads" folder



Step 4

  1. Unzip/Extract the downloaded zip folder
  2. Open the extracted file



Step 5

  1. Select all the files inside of the unzipped folder
  2. Right click on the files and click "Copy"
  3. Navigate to your "C:\" drive



Step 6

Navigate to and open the "Users" folder



Step 7

Open that folder that is named with your Digital ID



Step 8

Find and open the "AppData" folder



Step 9

Open the "Roaming Folder"



Step 10

Find and open the "Microsoft" folder



Step 11

Find and open the "Signatures" folder



Step 12

Paste the copied signature file in the "Signature" folder



Step 13

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Start a new message
  3. Click on "Signature"
  4. Select the "Utah Tech HTML" signature


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