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Copyleaks for Instructors
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Through the collaborative efforts of multiple departments across campus, including the Provost's office, the University has acquired and implemented Copyleaks, a robust plagiarism and generative AI detector that now serves as a replacement to Turnitin.

Creating & Viewing Copyleaks Assignments in Canvas

Using Copyleaks in Canvas should feel quite familiar to those who have used Turnitin in Canvas in the past. You simply enable the plagiarism review in your assignment settings and select “Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker” from the list.


See the CopyLeaks Instructor Guide for video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool

There is also a tool for Instructors that can be used to run plagiarism checks on files sent to you outside of Canvas (such as via email). You can add this as an external tool to a module in Canvas or import the Copyleaks Teacher Scanning Tool module from Canvas Commons.


See the help resource linked below for more information. 

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