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Fixing Camera most camera issues in SET Building

# **Fixing Camera most camera ****issues**** in SET Building** In the event that you see solid green screen or and other unwanted condition in the camera in any room in the SET (Science Engineering and Technology) Building this will be how to resolve that issue * On the Classroom touch panel, press the "Camera Con…

How do I clear my Browser Cache?

Clearing your web browser's cache can resolve a lot of issues. One of the first things you should do in troubleshooting a problem with a web application such as Canvas, MyUT, Navigate, or Outlook email is to try clearing your browser's cache. The instructions for clearing your cache vary depending on what type of comp…

How do I find my Digital ID or change my password?

Did you know we have a password self-service website that you can use to reset your Utah Tech password or look up your Digital ID? Go to [][1] ## **If You've Forgotten Your Password or Haven't Received It** Click on "**Reset with Email**" near the top right of your screen. ![][2]…

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